Stranger Things

Stranger Things is one of my favourite T.V. shows. It is a Netflix orignial show about the supernatural events that happen in a town, and the people trying to figure out what is happening. The show focuses on a group of children who try to figure things out on their own and end up solving the problems by themselves. I really like the concept of this show because it includes things I would of never thought about myself.

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One of my favourite things to do is travel. When I am older I want to travel all over the world. Some places I really want to visit can be seen on the pictures page like London, Paris, New York, and Hawaii. I want to sightsee the 7 wonders of the world aswell.

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Hawaii Five O

Hawaii Five O is also one f my all time favourite T.V shows. It is a remake of the 1968 T.V. series with 8 seasons in total. I have been watching this show for ages and have seen all seasons. The show is about the Five O task force which solves murders and crimes, at the start of the show all the episodes were sort of random but in the more recent seasons everything tied together and the show become really good.

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